Because a True Love Story Has No Ending

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Willow and Germy

Willow and Germy are children's entertainers with an old world feel. They are in the business of touching hearts and lives. They are harpists, vocalists, and storytellers. "We want to be that very special part of the childhoods of our fans", says Willow. One that will be a fond memory for their entire lives. " We want to encourage people to just be better people".

Our sound

We want to take you away to a place where Happily Ever After happens all the time. 

The Castle of Dromore

A beautiful Irish lullaby

O'Carolan's Farewell

An instrumental piece that was the last work of the great Irish blind harpist Turlough O' Carolan

An original faerytale written by Willow

Willow's Faerytales

    Deep within the forest, in the heart of that forest; there lived a host of creatures, trees, and the like. Were deer, raccoons, foxes, and skunks, owls and field mice too! And the trees in that forest were hundreds of the most splendid trees of every kind which you can dream. In the very center of the heart of the forest there grew a little Scotch Pine, she was the tiniest tree of all...And for the rest of the tale you will just have to come hear for yourself. 

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